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Step 08: A very important one - your inventory

Your inventory can be opened up from the furthest right button on the bottom menu and this is one button that you will be using a lot! Basically, your inventory contains all of your avatar's worldly goods. You will put on your body parts from there, get dressed from there, you will keep all the objects which you build in there and all the textures and scripts and animations which you will need to build will be in there as well! So, this place really is your virtual lifeline and you should get to know it, and how it works inside and out.

I will be showing you how you create things from within the inventory in a separate post later on. However, for starters I think it is important just to learn how to use the inventory itself, especially when it comes to putting stuff on the avatar. This works with a right click system in that you access the objects and utilize them by right clicking on them and attaching them either to the avatar or to the screen. And then body parts (shapes, skin, eyes, system hair) and also garments which get worn by the avatar directly (such as pants, shirts etc) are also all here. Again, these you also access by right clicking on them and just "wearing" them (as opposed to 3D objects such as shoes and so on, which you "attach").

Your open metaverse inventory will initially be somewhat meager in terms of such goodies, but not to worry, one of the very next posts will show you how to make such acquisitions and how to get them inside your inventory and onto your avatar. ;-)

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