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Step 07: About communication and notifications

The above screenshot shows you the basic ways in which the system or other avatars will get in touch with you or how you go about finding them. What you need to do, is pay attention to the bottom left corner for incoming messages from other avatars; the top right corner for offers which they may make you, such as friendship offers, teleport offers or things from their inventory. Another thing which will show up here are group notifications of groups that you belong to. The bottom right corner on the other hand is all about notifications which the system sends you, mostly about the online/offline status of your friends.

Although your friends are all listed under the Communicate button on the bottom left, there may still be a need to find people that you are not friends with and that you still need to talk to. In this case you will click on Search, go to the people tab, type in the name of the avatar and then proceed from there.

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