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Step 04: Arriving at NGrid

The above screenshot shows you what you will see upon your first step into NGrid - the dramatic concourse of the virtual world's reception hub, which is located in a region called Ubik. But stand right there and hold your horses! Before you can do much else you will have to get some kind of familiarity with the viewer's software and its interface. And this is the subject matter of the next set of tutorials which will show you everything step by step.

For now - your keyboard arrows will make you move. The Up Arrow moves you forward, Down backwards, Right lets you turn right while you are standing, and Left lets you turn left, again in standing position. Page Up lets you fly up, and Page Down lets you fly down.

Now, further down the concourse, slightly to your right, there are a pile of black boxes, which I have outlined in orange and marked up as 01. These hold all kinds of goodies with which you can "create" your personal avatar: Everything from skins, shapes, eyes, and hair to clothes. So, walk towards these boxes using your keyboard arrows. And once there, go onto the next set of tutorials where you will learn all about what to do next, how this whole thing actually works.

Note: Your lighting and sky will look different from what you see in this screenshot since you will login with the default lighting whereas I have a custom sky and light setting. No worries, you will soon learn how to fix all of that!

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