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Step 02: Setting up your viewer

The recommended viewer for the open metaverse is the Imprudence Viewer and therefore this is the one that you too should definitely use. To download the viewer go to this URL:

Before you decide upon which version of Imprudence to use you may also wish to check whether your PC (Windows only) can run an SSE2 optimized viewer, and if so you can use that version also since it is reputed to be slightly faster than the standard release.

The downloads page on the official NGrid blog also gives you a list of minimum system requirements, so you may want to check these out before you proceed also: http://ngrid.org/blog-NEW/?q=node/4

And now we need to look at how you set up NGrid as a new grid on your viewer: The 3 screenshots below will guide you through the process step by step. The all important info which you need is the login URI which is http://login.ngrid.org:8002/. You will see where this will be needed in image three, during step 02 as is shown on that image.

When you start up the viewer, on the bottom you will see the above entry fields. In all likelihood the grid will be set to OSgrid, but do not worry about this, we will be changing this to our own grid very shortly. Enter your avatar's first and last name and password and then click on Grid Manager.

Once you open the Grid Manager you will see what is in the image above. Enter the word ngrid for the Grid name (which is unique and cannot be changed later). Then copy paste the following line http://login.ngrid.org:8002/ into the  Login URI field shown in step 03 in the image above. Next click the button which says Get Grid Info (step 04) and all of the entry fields below it will fill automatically. Then click Apply and OK. The Grid manager will close and you should have ngrid in the pull down menu on the login screen at the bottom where it used to say OSgrid or whatever. If not simply change it to that, and reenter your avatar name and password if needed... So - now go ahead and login!

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