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Step 01: Creating your NGrid avatar

Please go to this URL: http://ngrid.org/blog/?q=node/3

This will take you to a page with three start up avatars, a furry, a male and a female. Since NGrid is a virtual world which emphasizes a difference the start-up avatars too are different - they are all white! You will be able to completely change your appearance and gender once you are in-world, so basically you can click on either one.

From here you will go to a new screen where you will be asked to enter your user information. In other words this screen is where you decide upon the name of your avatar and your password with which you login to NGrid. So, give your avatar a first name, a last name, a password and then enter the email address where you wish to receive the validation email and click the blue "submit and validate" button at the bottom. And choose wisely since the avatar's name cannot be changed later!

OK! All set to go! Now go to your email and click on the validation link and then you are ready to enter NGrid, the sophisticated metaverse!

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