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Step 15: Creating skies, water, atmosphere and climate

What you see on the left in the upper image is how a lot of people see the metaverse: No shaders! (As I was already saying here earlier). And then on the right hand we have the shaders enabled with default lighting. Well, some improvement anyway, you think, right? Wait!

What we see above is the same view with 4 different sky presets. But wait just a second longer - it gets even better!

Still the same view: On the left we have a sky preset, nice one too, however no water preset. But then on the right we also have a water preset in place...

How to get these? The image above will show you how. You can also make new presets of your own, either starting from scratch or through modifying existent ones. The thing to do is to play with all the sliders in all of the tabs and when you like something, just press New and save your preset under a new name.

Unfortunately the Imprudence viewer does not give its users a big selection of sky presets. I have therefore zipped up my favorite ones and put them here:
Download and unzip the file and then place the contents into the directory shown in the screenshot above. Or:
C:\Program Files\Imprudence\app_settings\windlight\skies
I am not a Mac user, however I am sure that those of you who are will know where this is all supposed to go over there as well.

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