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Step 13: Adjusting / positioning / resizing your attachments

When you put on an attachment for the very first time chances are that it will not be positioned exactly correctly. It may be off to one side or dropping lower than it should or even be facing in a wrong direction altogether. And then also your avatar may be bigger or smaller than the creator of the object who, in all likelihood, would have fitted it to their own size. You can very easily fix all that and once you have done so the system will recognize your new values and will always attach the item in the way in which you placed it last.

Attach the item to its logical position and follow the steps below:

Before you can start playing around with your attachments so that they fit you exactly right you will need to find a posestand upon which you need to place the avatar in a fixed position. The boxes at Ubik do have a posestand in them, however Ubik is group land and you cannot put anything on the ground unless you belong to the group Core Team. However, no worries, Max has already placed a posestand for people to work on, so just follow the direction of the arrow in the above shot to get to it.

Once there, right click and you will see Stand at 10 o'clock on the pie menu, just click and stand!

Use the 3D camera to get a really good, slightly from the top, 3/4 view of the object which you wish to adjust and then right click and press Edit at 4 o'clock on the pie menu. This will bring forth the Edit palette, where on the top you will see the radio buttons for Position, Rotate and Scale. These three are the ones you use. Grab the arrows and pull for Position, and the circles to Rotate. When you rotate also make sure that you are seeing the circle from the top (in 3D in other words), otherwise your rotation may easily get out of control and slip. When using Scale you will use the little white boxes which you pull outwards or push inwards. And be sure to have Stretch Both Sides checked, so that your attachment scales up symmetrically.

What applies to hair applies to any other garment or body part also. Simply use the Position, Rotate and Stretch radio buttons on the edit palette to get the item to sit exactly as you wish it to do.

Very Important Note: As with all things which you are editing - do not forget to make a copy of it inside your inventory before you attach it to yourself. The metaverse has only one undo! So, if you make mistakes which are tough to fix you cannot revert to a former state!

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