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Step 12: Editing your appearance

1) Right clicking on yourself will show you the Appearance button at 8 o’clock on the pie menu. Click here and the appearance palette will open up (3).

2) At the same time your cursor will turn into a 3D camera so that you can rotate your avatar to see your results while you are working. And of course you will also have the Camera Controls which you get from the View menu up top also.

3) The rest is fairly self-explanatory. I am going to advise you to stick to modifying your shape only, which is quite a lot of fun in and of itself and you can come up with some wonderfully bizarre creatures just by tweaking all the values in the various tabs. You can either create a completely new shape from the Create tab on the top of the inventory, or you can use one of mine, which you can get out of one of the shape box at Ubik.

One important thing to remember with the leg values of the shape are the size of your feet, which have to be set to zero, so that 3D object shoes can actually fit on them.

Once you are done be absolutely sure to click save, before you continue. This is important since one rather unpleasant open metaverse bug is that if you do not save (before the system reminds you, that is), you are very likely to crash and all your good efforts will have been wasted.

Note: Creating clothes and skin is pretty advanced stuff, which involves a lot of custom texturing and shading in external image editors, for which you use custom avatar clothing templates. So, until you become an experienced builder/texturer this is a task best left alone, I would suggest... :-\

Again, eyes will need a lot of work in an external image editor before they look right. And as for hair - the system hair which you can create from the appearance palette is sort of the hallmark of a novice user, who hasn't yet figured out that good hair is always attached to the avatar as a separate 3D object. So, I wouldn't attempt to make hair through here either. You will need system hair in order to render, however for that we use the famous bald head, which you will find in the hair boxes at Ubik: There is actually quite a selection of 3D object hair for both men and women over there. And very soon there will also be a post on how to adjust 3D objects (such as hair) after you have attached them.

4) Always remember to make a copy of any item which you are editing and then paste it into the same folder. If you are not sure where the item is, then type worn into the search bar of the inventory and you will soon find it.

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