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Step 11: The all important Animation Overrider (AO) - so that you don't walk like a duck... ;-)

1) The box standing all the way on the left by itself at the Ubik goodies wall holds the Animation Overriders. Click on the box to get the folder, for which the notification will appear on the top right hand corner of the screen.

2) Attach the Simple Walk Animation Overrider inside the folder to HUD > Bottom Right. The AO will appear on the right bottom corner, as seen in step 3.

3/3a) Press on menu. This will bring out a menu on the top right corner. Press Load.

4) Since this is just a simple walk AO, there is only one notecard (which holds the data for one female, 2 male and one unisex walk). So, click on notecard, so that you can select one of them in the next step.

5) Now watch the bottom left corner of your screen and you will see some yellow text which informs you that the notecard is loading. When you see the memory line (as shown above), you are ready to select your walk (6).

And yes, you can also disable the AO while you are wearing it. (You would not really bother to do so with a simple walk AO, however anything which also has seating animations in it may need to get disabled from time to time). The shot on the left shows you how things look when the AO is active, and the one on the right when it is disabled. To disable/enable click on the letters AO to make them turn black or white.

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