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Step 09: The 3D camera, aka. your avatar's mirror...

Wanna see your avatar's face? Sure you do!

1) Holding down the alt key whilst you click upon an object (including your own avatar) will lock the software’s camera onto this object and center it. From here you can play by turning and also zooming in and out of the object. The camera will stay in the locked position until you hit Esc.

2) Holding down both ctrl + alt, will let you rotate the camera around the object in any direction that you want. Again you can zoom in and out, and again you can release the camera by pressing Esc.

3) And then of course there is the little Camera palette, which you can get from the View menu (top bar) by checking the line which says Camera Controls. This will let you pan and rotate the view that you are looking at. However, this motion will not be object focused but rather rotate the entire field of view, instead of turning around a specific object.

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