11:34 AM

Step 10: Getting goodies out of boxes...

OK folks, we are now heading for some of the fun stuff which you can do in a metaverse: Dress-up games! And here is the very first step towards learning how to do that, which is getting stuff out of boxes.

Unlike Second Life, where most of the nice stuff is for sale, in the open metaverse we do not yet have a money based economy and + we are generous folk :-), so all of this is free. Remember a few posts ago when you first arrived at Ubik and I said walk towards the boxes? Hope you are there now! This is a wall of stuff all held in boxes, from animations to shoes pretty much, which you can just take away with you and enjoy. A lot of the clothing items are from my SL shop alpha.tribe which is quite a well known place over there, so (even if I say so myself) what I have put here is rather nice stuff, no shoddy cast offs or anything like that. ;-) OK, so here we go:

The image above shows you the full wall of goodies at Ubik. I will show you how to get stuff out of three of these boxes. The first one is actually the subject matter of Step 11, which is the next post down on this blog and it involves Animation Overriders. The second box involves getting things out of a box which directly gives you a folder. And the third box involves getting a copy of the actual object and then “rezzing” it to get its contents

Click on the box (1) (the cursor will turn into a little hand by the way, which for some reason my screen capture software won't capture). Within a few seconds of doing so you will see a notification on the top right corner which tells you that the owner of the box is trying to give you a folder (2). Press Keep (obviously ;-). The folder will land in your inventory, below your Trash (3). Open this folder, and you will see a list of items. Right click on any one of them and say wear (4). And now use the 3D camera (as explained in step 09) to rotate around your avatar's body, then zoom in and admire your pretty new skin! ;-)

But sometimes a box will not give you a folder, instead it will let you take a copy of itself, which you can open up later and get the contents out of:

If there is no little hand when you hover over the box, then it may well be the case that the object can be copied: Right click on the box to get the pie menu, go to More (1), and then at 12 o'clock you should see Take Copy (2) - if the object has in fact been set for copy, that is. Go there and click, and the box will land inside your inventory. However, since this is actually a 3D object, it will not go below your trash (only folders do that) but end up in the Objects folder where it rightfully belongs (3 and 4).

From where you need to take it back out in order to get it's contents:

In order to do this, first off make sure that you are on land where you have build permissions. In other words the build button on the bottom menu has to be active. Then, simply go to the box (which as you remember is in the objects folder inside your inventory), and click and drag the box anywhere onto the ground in front of you - just as it shows you to do in the image above. Just click and drag folks - that easy! And YAYY! You have just "rezzed" an object!

Next, right click on the box, and you will see Open at 3 o'clock. Click there and a window will pop up, which says Copy to Inventory (Ignore the other button, it is useless). So, click on Copy to Inventory and the contents of the box will show up in a folder underneath your trashcan - which as you will remember, is where all imported folders go. And then, just right click, wear, etc, as per usual...